Idaho Trip Newfoundland Cancellation

Idaho Trip Newfoundland Cancellation

Sawtooth Mountains Idaho_55860
Well I’m finally back from being on the road for several weeks. No, this image is not from Newfoundland as I had originally planned, it was made in the Owyhee Desert just across the border from Idaho. The Sawtooth Mountains and Snake River Plain of Idaho were my main destinations on this trip.

My much planned and long anticipated trip to Newfoundland was cancelled at literally the last minute. As I attempted to check in at Sea-Tac airport for my flight I suddenly realized that my passport had expired in March, to enter Canada you either need an enhanced drivers license or a passport, I had no choice at that point but to board the shuttle back home to Bellingham. Although I was tremendously disappointed and felt very foolish and humiliated ( I had previously announced my plans to all my clients) I’m sure it was for the best in the end. I always feel that if something like this happens it happens for a good reason and in the end I probably wasn’t meant to go.

Two days later I shrugged off my disappointment and was packing my truck for Idaho. For all the years I’ve been photographing Idaho has been a state I mostly passed through on the way to Montana, Utah or Wyoming. This seemed like a great opportunity to make amends and photograph some long neglected areas. Maybe this was the place I was really meant to visit since I arrived at the height of wildflower season in the mountain valleys. My trip also coincided with a series of rain and thunderstorms which provided some excellent light from time to time. Here are a few samples of what I came back with. I’ll be posting more soon!

Owyhee River Canyon Idaho Trip Newfoundland Disappointment


4 thoughts on “Idaho Trip Newfoundland Cancellation

  1. Sorry to hear how your trip started out! From the great images I’ve seen of your trip so far though, it looks like you had good conditions and results despite the change in venue.

      • I did read that they were starting at Tipsoo Lake, so Paradise is probably about the same. I guess with such a low snowpack last winter an earlier wildflower season was inevitable – but I didn’t think it would be this fast. A normal year has peak wildflowers at around early – mid August if I recall. Are you thinking of heading down there this year?

        • Probably not, I’m hoping I can hike into Image Lake in the Glacier Peak Wilderness and another spot near Hidden Lakes Peak in the N. Cascades. I need to wait though until some weather or clouds come in, too far to go for just empty blue skies. Then of course there is the Bella Coola and Chilcotin areas…

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