Alan Majchrowicz

Photographing, hiking, skiing and just sitting and observing nature is what defines me. Getting out on the road or trail and making photographs is what keeps me going, inspires me, recharges my spirit, and washes away the troubles of life. I’m much more comfortable photographing a stream or glacier 100 miles away from the nearest town or person than I am in any city.

I am a professional landscape nature and travel photographer with nearly 30 years experience in providing photo editors, art consultants, and stock agencies with the highest quality images of the natural world. My image library contains thousands of photographs of National Parks, Monuments, Wilderness Areas, and Provincial and State Parks from all over the United States and Canada. Every year I spend considerable time traveling to new locations and also expanding coverage from previous locations.

Some of my current and past clients include: National Geographic, Apple Computer, Patagonia, BBC Travel, Rand McNally, Sierra Club, Audubon, Alaska Airlines, Horizon Air,  Gladstone Media, Brown Trout, Seattle Magazine, VIA AAA Magazine, Washington Tourism, New York Times, Microsoft, Wild Apple Graphics, Reader’s Digest, Backpacker Magazine, Workman Publishing, Sterling Publishing, Shearson Publishing, Sierra Press, Montana Department of Commerce, Brown & Bigelow, Teldon Calendars, Sunset Magazine, Mead Products LLC, SagaCity Media, NorthLink Ferries, Arterra Art Consultants, Tela Art Resource


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