Fine Art Giclee Prints

Fine Art Giclée Prints

Fine Art Giclée PrintsFine Art Giclee Prints

Fine Art Giclée Prints of my landscape photography have always been the ultimate expression of my creativity. For some photographers, their interest ends with recording and processing the image. In the world of digital photography, many photographers see the print as an increasingly unnecessary extra step.  While other photographers go on to enjoy the process of creating the print, a physical manifestation of their vision.

With the proliferation of online on-demand printing services, many photographers who sell prints just send over their files to them for printing. For some styles of fine art prints, such as Metal, Tru-Life Acrylic, or Canvas wraps, a photographer has no choice. These prints require expensive and complicated processes and equipment to produce. Most individual fine art landscape and nature photographers just don’t have the resources to produce these types of prints.

However, producing fine art paper prints is within reach of most photographers. One of my goals throughout my photography career has always been to produce my own fine art prints. Back in the days of film, I had my own darkroom where I would develop negatives and create fine art prints up to 20″x 24″ in size. I loved the process and looked forward to working with the materials. However, in those days I was limited to producing only black and white prints.

Fine Art Landscape Photography

Digital Age Fine Art Giclée Prints

In the digital age, I transitioned to creating prints with an inkjet printer. This type of printing is also called Fine Art Giclée prints. But, again, my prints had a size limit, and in the early days of digital printing choices for quality papers similar to fiber-based darkroom prints were few.

All of this recently changed when I acquired a Canon PROGRAF Pro-4100 inkjet print. Combined with an excellent line of fine art papers from Hahnemühle, I am finally able to produce and sell fine art landscape prints up to 44″ wide directly from my studio. Before this acquisition my Epson 7890 printer had a printing limit of 24″ wide. This would mean that for larger prints I would need to outsource them to a digital printing lab. And in the process, lose a bit of the creative process.

Now when a customer purchases large Fine Art Giclée prints from me, they can be assured that I produced it.  From making the image in the field, and post-processing the image in my studio, to test prints, proofing, and final printing. The image’s creative and technical aspects are in my control.

About our Fine Art Giclée Prints

All our Fine Art Giclée Prints, whether Limited Edition or Open Edition, use the finest quality materials available.

  • Canon PROGRAF Pro-4100 inkjet printer with eleven LUCIA Pro inks and a special Chroma Optimizer ink. These inks produce the ultimate in image clarity, color rendition, and higher black density for the finest of details.

Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta Fine Art Giclee Prints


  • Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta Fine Art Paper
    -315 gsm, 100% cotton
    -White, without optical brighteners
    -Exquisite surface texture
    -High-gloss premium inkjet coating for outstanding print results
    -Acid- and lignin-free
    -ISO 9706 conform / museum quality for highest age resistance

Fine Art Certificate of Authenticity

In addition, all of our prints, whether Open-Edition or Limited-Edition come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. Which, altogether, assures that you will be purchasing a one-of-a-kind artwork that you will be proud to own and display in your home or office.

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