Photo Highlights of 2021

The year is swiftly coming to a close, so it’s time to look back and present my Photo Highlights of 2021. Although overall it was a better year than 2020, many aspects made it resemble the slightly less evil twin of 2020. But for new photography and business, the past 12 months were outstanding. I added a record number of new images to my library from some outstanding locations. Plus print sales and commercial licensing came in at an all-time high. Many thanks to all of you out there who helped make 2021 a great year!

This year the photos appearing in this post are those which I consider my favorites. Although they are still among some of the best of 2021, for me they mostly reflect fond memories of the past year’s trips.  Selecting these 11 images was especially difficult since there were many more favorites that I would’ve liked to include. And also because I’m still working on editing and processing lots of great new images from my fall Southwest trip. Many of those would easily make this list, but unfortunately, they’ll have to wait.

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As always feel free to vote for and comment on your favorites. And if you would like to see more images made in 2021 please check out the New Images Gallery. Also, please feel free to share this post with friends, family, and colleagues. Thanks for looking!

Taylor Dock Boardwalk Boulevard Park Bellingham Washington Photo Highlights of 2021#1  Taylor Dock Boardwalk Bellingham Washington  #70663  Purchase

Cape Perpetua Oregon Photo Highlights of 2021#2  Cape Perpetua Oregon  #71095  Purchase

Diablo Lake North Cascades Washington Photo Highlights of 2021#3   Diablo Lake North Cascades  #71702  Purchase

Fog over Olympic Peninsula at sunrise Photo Highlights of 2021#4  Fog over Olympic Peninsula from Olympic National Park  #71819  Purchase

Myrtle Falls Mount Rainier National Park#5 Myrtle Falls Mount Rainier National Park  #72865s  Purchase

Sunrise over Mount Rainier seen from Reflection Lake, Rosy Spirea (Spirea splendens) is in the foreground. Mount Rainier National Park Washington #73108or#6 Reflection Lake Mount Rainier National Park #73103  Purchase

North Cascades clearing storm#7  Clearing storm over Mount Baker Wilderness North Cascades #73538b  Purchase

Oxbow Bend Grand Teton National Park#8 Fall color at Oxbow Bend Grand Teton National Park #74143  Purchase

Steamboat Rock Dinosaur National Monument#9  Steamboat Rock reflected in Green River Dinosaur National Monument  #74439  Purchase

Sandstone patterns Dinosaur National Monument#10 Sandstone erosion patterns Dinosaur National Monument  #74400  Purchase

Mesa Arch Canyonlands National Park#11 Mesa Arch Canyonlands National Park  #74554  Purchase

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All photos appearing in Photo Highlights 2021 are available for Commercial Licensing and Fine Art Prints. Click on any image to purchase, or contact me for more info!

Photo Highlights of 2021

20 Replies to “Photo Highlights of 2021”

  1. Wow, you had a great year of traveling and photo opportunities, Alan! They’re all great and this may be an odd choice for me, but I like #1 the best — the photos seems to emanate a nice serenity and tranquility that I find very appealing. Your take on Mesa Arch, #11, is also very refreshing. Kudos, and all the best for 2022!

  2. Your immagination and artistry are always an inspiration. Any view is a gateway to another world. Best wishes for another season of exploration and wonder.

  3. They are all fantastic photos (what else to be expected from you?!) but I am really drawn to number 2 – the stability of the rocks with the movement of the water and the setting sun behind it all… and, As for number 9, which is simply stunning, were you neck deep in the water (and standing very still) to shoot that one?

    1. Thanks for checking them out Laurel, glad you like them! No, that one was made standing on a small beach along the river.

  4. Lots of great image as always Alan. #9 is stunning!
    All the best for 2022! Thanks for being a part of Photographing the West again.


  5. What a gorgeous collection of images Alan! My favorites are the Fog over Olympic Peninsula, Diablo Lake, and the Mt Baker one but seriously, all wonderful. I’m so glad to hear you had a record sales year as well. Here’s to wishing you another profitable year, filled with many travel adventures! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks for looking Brent. I just submitted my info to your 2021 top images roundup, thanks for inviting me!

  6. This is a wonderful selection of photos! My personal favorite is #7 Clearing storm over Mount Baker Wilderness North Cascades. It makes me always very happy to see intriguing cloud formations. We don’t get so many here in San Francisco Bay Area!

    All the best for 2022!

  7. Happy New Year, Alan. I jumped over here from Brent Huntley’s yearly “community gathering” of images. The image of the waves crashing over the rocks at Cape Perpetua, Oregon, is my favourite of this set.

    I’ve added your blog to my RSS collection. I look forward to seeing your work in 2022.

    1. Hi Khürt, thanks for checking them out! Check back soon, over the next several days I’ll be adding a large group of new images from the Southwest.

  8. I’m glad to hear how well 2021 worked for you, and I hope things keep getting better. This is a fantastic set of images, but the two that keep drawing my attention are Cape Perpetua Oregon for the incredible dynamic nature of those waves and the great lighting and colors, and Mesa Arch Canyonlands National Park for that beautiful layering and almost look-through feel to it, and again, those colors. Beautiful work!

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