New Images Part 2 New England

New Images Part 2 New England

Bass Harbor Lighthouse Maine New Images Part 2 New EnglandBass Harbor Lighthouse, Maine  #59018

The last portfolio of New Images from our recent photo trip to New England and Atlantic Canada is now ready for viewing. You can check out the portfolio here. And, as always, all of the photos are ready to purchase as fine art prints and commercial licensing.

This portfolio wraps up the edit and processing of all new images from the trip. However, in the coming weeks and months I’ll most likely be revisiting many of the files to identify which can be processed into black and white or alternative styles. I’ve already began this procedure with a group I made early on in the trip in the Bay of Fundy. This group of images, composed of just sea and clouds, represents a more minimalist style of photography that I very much enjoy. Be sure to check back soon to see a new post regarding these photos!

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Some of the locations included in this portfolio are:

  • Acadia National Park Maine
  • Mahoosuc region Maine
  • Grafton Notch State Park Maine
  • White Mountains New Hampshire
  • Kancamagus Highway New Hampshire
  • Franconia Notch New Hampshire
  • Stowe Vermont
  • Groton woods Vermont
  • Woodstock Vermont
  • Newfane Vermont
  • Bennington Vermont
  • Ricketts Glen Pennsylvania


Foster Covered Bridge, Vermont New Images Part 2 New EnglandFoster Covered Bridge, Vermont  #59335

Peacham, Vermont New Images Part 2 New EnglandPeacham, Vermont  #59321

Bennington Battle Monument Vermont New Images Part 2 New EnglandBennington Battle Monument, Vermont  #59477


New Images Part 1

New Images Part 1

Medicine Rocks State Park Montana, New Images Part 1Medicine Rocks State Park, Montana #58398

I’m thrilled to announce the first group of new images from my recent photo tour is now complete. You can check out a portfolio of selected images here or by clicking on any of the images appearing in this post. To view the entire edit all of the newly added images, go to our Stock Images page and click on the location you’d like to see.

The second half of all the new images should be ready for viewing in the next week or two. That group of new images will include Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Pennsylvania, with the main subject matter being fall color. Check back here soon or sign up for email updates to be notified of promotions or image news. I’ll also be adding regular in-depth posts here about specific locations and subjects covered on this trip.

The following locations are represented in this first portfolio:

  • Medicine Rocks State Park, Montana
  • Watkins Glen State Park, New York
  • Bennington, Vermont
  • Fundy National Park, New Brunswick
  • Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
  • Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
  • Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia
  • Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia

Watkins Glen New York New Images Part 1Watkins Glen State Park, New York  #58452

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse Nova Scotia New Images Part 1Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse, Nova Scotia #58901

Bay of Fundy New Images Part 1Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick #58518

Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia New Images Part 1Cabot Trail, Cape breton Highlands National park, Nova Scotia  #58638

Rainbow, Nova Scotia New Images Part 1Rainbow over Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia  #58796



New Southwest Images

New Southwest Images

White Sands National Monument New Mexico New Southwest ImagesWhite Sands National Monument New Mexico #57137b

All of the new images from my recent Southwest trip are now online and ready for viewing and downloading. A selection of 100 images from a total of over 1000 have been added to my New Images Portfolio. To view even more  from any of the locations listed below you can use our Search feature or contact us for a custom portfolio.

  • States:  California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Utah
  • National Parks and Monuments: Carrizo Plains National Monument CA, Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument NM, White Sands National Monument NM, Carlsbad Caverns National Park NM, Guadalupe National Park TX, Chaco Culture National Historical Park NM, Aztec Ruins National Monument NM, Canyon de Chelly National Monument AZ, Hovenweep National Monument UT, Mesa Verde National Park CO, Canyonlands National Park UT, Arches National Park UT
  • State Parks, Recreation Areas, Wilderness Areas: Anza-Borrego Desert State Park CA, Kofa Mountains Wildlife Refuge AZ, Lost Dutchman State Park/Superstition Mountains AZ, Angel Peak Scenic Area NM, Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness NM, Valley Of The Gods Utah

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park wildflowers New Southwest ImagesWildflowers, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California #56856


New Idaho Images

Little Redfish Lake, Sawtooth National Recreation Area Idaho New Idaho ImagesSunrise at Little Redfish Lake, Sawtooth Mountains Idaho #56183

I’m very excited to announce all the images from my recent Idaho trip have been edited and processed! This was a very successful trip despite having planned it at the last minute. The main focus were the beautiful Sawtooth Mountains in central Idaho near the town of Stanley. Here I was fortunate enough to arrive in time for the annual blooming of camas and other wildflowers and enjoy photographing them in several mornings and evenings of fabulous light. Also included on this trip was Shoshone Falls on the Snake River Plain, Bruneau Canyon and Owyhee River Canyon, the later being just over the border in Oregon.

Please take a few minutes to browse through the new images portfolio, there is lots to see! If you’d like to view even more check out the Idaho Gallery, here there are over 500 images, all of which can be purchased as fine art prints or licensed for commercial use.

Stay tuned to this blog as I will be posting images and stories from this trip soon, and don’t forget to use the share buttons to forward to your friends and colleagues! Thanks for looking!

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Camas meadows Sawtooth Mountains Idaho, New Idaho ImagesMeadows of Camas, Sawtooth Mountains Idaho #56057

Owyhee River Canyon Sunset Oregon, New Idaho ImagesOwyhee Canyon sunset Oregon  #56352


New Images Desert Southwest Grand Canyon

New Images Desert Southwest Grand CanyonNew Images Desert Southwest  Grand Canyon

I’m very excited to announce that all the new images from our recent spring trip to the Desert Southwest and the Grand Canyon are now ready for viewing and downloading!   Click here to view the portfolio

Locations from this trip added to our catalog:

Joshua Tree National Park California
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument Arizona
Superstition Mountains Arizona
Grand Canyon National Park Arizona (south rim)

The images appearing in this portfolio are available as a Fine Art Print and for commercial licensing. Click on the  image and then ADD TO CART to purchase.


Canadian Rockies New Images

Canadian Rockies New Images

The Ramparts Jasper National Park Canadian Rockies New Images

Tonquin Valley, Jasper National Park Alberta #54753

Please take a few moments to view a selection of exciting new images from our recent photo shoots in the fabulous Canadian Rockies. This trip encompassed nearly a month of hiking and driving to some of the most scenic areas of this majestic mountain range.

Locations included in this portfolio are:
  • Mount Robson Provincial Park
  • Tonquin valley of Jasper National Park
  • Lake Louise and Vermilion Lakes of Banff National Park
  • Floe Lake along the Rockwall of Kootenay National Park
  • Burstall Pass and Kananaskis Lakes of Kananaskis Country Alberta

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The images appearing in this portfolio are available as a Fine Art Print and for commercial licensing. Click on the  image and then ADD TO CART to purchase.


New Images / Montana Wyoming North Dakota Alberta

New Images / Montana Wyoming North Dakota Alberta

Oxbow Bend sunrise Grand Teton National Park Wyoming 52146 Oxbow Bend sunrise Grand Teton National Park Wyoming 52146

It’s been a long arduous process but I finally have all the images from my recent six week trip to several western states online. In many ways this trip has been a milestone for me, first of all it was one of the longest I’ve done. Most importantly though, nearly every goal of creating compelling images in dramatic light from a wide variety of locations was met. Of course this last point had a lot to do with luck and hoping that my weather instincts were correct. In the end after all the driving, hiking, and long hours of office computer work (while the summer weather was sunny warm and beckoning), the effort paid off and, well, here they are. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I had in creating them!

Prairie sunrise near Choteau Montana 53100Prairie sunrise near Choteau Montana 53100

There are nearly 1100 new images uploaded from this trip, including about 300 from the Palouse and Columbia River Gorge that I had put online a few weeks ago. To make viewing them a little easier, I hope, I decided to break them down into tiers. First of all you’ll see a featured slide show of 17 new images on my home page, next there is a New Image portfolio featuring 71 images from all the various locations. After that there are new image galleries from each state, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Alberta Canada. If after all that you still just can’t get enough, go to the individual location galleries for Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, Alberta. Finally, if you need to see every image I have of say Grand Teton National Park or Montana prairies use the Search Archive feature.

Now it’s time to move on to another big job, getting back out in the field and photographing alpine wildflowers. Fortunately most of the best locations for this subject are close to home !

Dawn over Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota 52463Badlands sunrise Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota 52463


New Images Palouse Waterfalls John Day River

New Images / Palouse, Waterfalls, John Day River

Sunset over Palouse wheat fields Washington #51671 New Images / Palouse, Waterfalls, John Day River

Sunset over the Palouse #51671

It’s now been around two weeks since the end of my last trip and the first batch of images is now online and ready for viewing and licensing. You can check out the full portfolio of  new images here. Although the bulk of editing and processing from the remainder of the trip is still ahead this group represents a significant addition to my files. As I mentioned in a previous post while on the road, it’s been quite a few years since I was able to make a trip to the Palouse region in late spring, this year’s effort made up for lost time and paid of well. I had several instances of exceptional light and coupled with endless driving to scout good locations the final takes were beyond what I had initially hoped for. One new addition to the area since my last visit is a group of wind turbines not far from Steptoe Butte. These turbines are popping up in masses everywhere across the country and in many scenic areas can be a blight on the landscape. Here in the Palouse I have mixed feelings on the issue. I would hate to see the Palouse area overrun with these turbines but this wind farm contains a small number of units (for now) and is  set a decent distance away from most of the photographic compositions. In this instance I found them to be somewhat picturesque and was happy to add them to my stock files since photos of energy issues can sell fairly well.

Wind turbines Palouse Washington #51711 New Images / Palouse, Waterfalls, John Day River

Wind turbines on the Palouse #51711

Other locations in this new group are the John Day Wild and Scenic River of Oregon, Palouse Falls State Park, and a few new waterfall additions from both the Oregon and Washington sides of the Columbia River Gorge. The John Day area had mixed results, since although I wasn’t able to access several remote areas on my list I was finally able to photograph Sheep Rock in some nice evening light after a spring storm passed through. The valley Sheep Rock is situated in is a short drive from the more popular Painted Hills. I like this quiet area with the John Day River running through it among small farms and ranches, it’s not as visually dramatic as the Painted Hills but with the right light there are many spots that are worth photographing.

The next group of images I’ll be working on include Grand Teton National Park, where I had some of the most dramatic lighting of the trip, SW Montana, Yellowstone National Park, and Bighorn Canyon National Monument. Hopefully this group won’t take as long to post.

John Day Wild and Scenic River Oregon #51424 New Images / Palouse, Waterfalls, John Day River

John Day Wild and Scenic River Oregon #51424

John Day Wild and Scenic River Oregon #51434 New Images / Palouse, Waterfalls, John Day River

John Day Wild and Scenic River Oregon #51434

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New North Cascades Images

New North Cascades Images: In my last post I spoke of how I was looking forward to going back to my photographic roots in the Northwest by spending some prime time along the North Cascades Highway. Now that I’m back and all the new images have been edited I can safely say that it was time well spent! It was wonderful to return to several spots in the Washington and Rainy Pass areas that I haven’t seen for almost twenty years, places that made me giddy with excitement and wonder in my not too distant youth.

One of these places was Wing and Lewis Lakes beneath the imposing faces of Corteo and Black Peaks. I’ve been up to nearby Maple Pass many times in the past and even made one short summer trip to Wing Lake, but I always wanted to come back in the fall and see the display of golden larches ringing the lake. Like many destinations it got put on the back burner in favor of more exotic locations that tempted me. Hiking up all the way to Wing Lake on a rough route is a bit of a grunt over massive bolder fields and a final steep ascent on a moraine, but the beauty and solitude is definitely worth it.

Sunset over Kangaroo Ridge, North Cascades Washington #50257 New North Cascades Images

Kangaroo Ridge, Washington Pass Meadows  50257

Alpenglow over Wing Lake, North Cascades Washington #50003 New North Cascades Images

Wing Lake North Cascades Washington #50003

Subalpine Larch (Larix lyallii) Wing Lake North Cascades #50037 New North Cascades Images

Subalpine Larch at Wing Lake #50037

Another spot that I’ve neglected for too long was the Washington Pass area with it’s small subalpine meadows and classic views of one of the North Cascades icons, Liberty bell Mountain. Over the years I’ve passed by this area many times on the way to other destinations in the N. Cascades, saying to myself that someday I need to spend time here and make some good photos when the light is right. To be fair I have done this a few times but never really came back with the images I wanted. On this trip not only did I get the photos but I also saw a bull moose, only my second moose sighting in the Cascades!

Sunset over Kangaroo Ridge, North Cascades Washington #50244 New North Cascades Images

Washington Pass Meadows 50244

Finally I returned to a place that had me aroused my curiosity every time I drove by. This is the short climbers trail up to Kangaroo Pass. Starting at the hairpin turn beneath the east side of Washington Pass this sweet little area rarely sees a visitor, and if it not were for the sound of traffic on the road you’d swear you traveled back in time before the highway was built when not many even heard of the North Cascades. It’s less than 2 miles and 2000″ elevation gain to the pass and the last ascent over the headwall is viciously steep, along the way you’ll view a new perspective of Liberty Bell and Early Winters Spires, small quite meadows, and a dry lake (in fall) in a basin just below the pass. Early on you can spot the long forgotten crash site of a small single engine plane, everything but the fuselage seemed to be carried out.

Checking the weather just now it looks like there may be a brief break in the weather, hmm, maybe I can run back up there…

You can view more images from this trip at the following links:

Early Winters Spires, North Cascades Washington #50282 New North Cascades Images

Early Winters Spires 50282